What are Lightroom Presets and why to use them.


Did you make a photo, you are happy with it, but something is missing ? Taking a picture is just 50% of the job and now it's time for edit. Make colors more vibrant, make some local adjustments or make it sharper. Adobe lightroom is a great software, where you can organize your photos and you can edit your pictures on your phone which means you can edit and share on the go. Lightroom presets can help you with that. With just one click you make first step to your photo look great. But here the work only begins. There is not perfect preset that will make a miracle with your photo. There is still need to manipulate with colors, sharpness or other adjustments.

You can find some videos on my YTB channel how lightroom works, so when you buy or create lightroom presets all you need is practice and get some knowledge. 

How to use Lightroom Presets :

If you want to check my Lightroom Presets: 


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Consistency & Simplicity

Before i started using lightroom presets it took me hours to edit my pictures. I always had a lot of different edits in a lot of colour variants and i didn’t know what i want. When i started using presets everything started to be simple. When i use my 12 presets i can imagine how the photo will look like and can set up mood more easily. One more advantage of using presets is consistency. When you have some presets, it is really easy to use them in your photography style and you can apply it to your unique visual vision.